Corruption in Higher Judiciary

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Corruption in Higher Judiciary
« on: January 13, 2018, 12:07:40 PM »
Since day one from the day I have joined profession I am saying that there is huge corruption in judiciary every where. Now yesterday Four senior most judges have revealed this fact in public at open platform. I have seen that the presiding officers in order to demoralize the new faces ask very silly queries and dismiss their arguments. Recently I have observed in court that the presiding officers have shown their willingness to confirm the jurisdiction of A.O simply on the basis of market rates of land. This is contrary to the law laid down by the apex court in Dhariya construction. But the court did not bother to look into this. Now where a poor assessee, who dont have guts to engage a known face will go. It is clear cut case of murder of justice. In this manner some thing needs to be done otherwise days are not far when presiding officer will face physical assault on them by God's own creature that is human beings. God will take care of these officer in its own manner but the creatures of God will not wait for his justice they will take law in their hands and abolish some wrong thing. These persons who have ability to take law in their hands know how to tackle courts but this is not the purport of our constitution.   
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