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Fight the twin evils of Society!

Thursday, December 25th, 2008


The author laments that while a heinous crime like terrorism is being fought spiritedly with commandos and bullets, not much is being done about corruption. He warns that corruption is a cancer which is slowly corroding the roots of our society and urges that it is our duty to fight corruption with the same spirit with which we fight terrorism.


1. Honorable Shri Justice R.C. Lahoti, former Chief Justice of India, while addressing the National Tax Conference of the Federation at Indore on 7-9-2002 (AIFTP Journal, Sept., 2002 P. 7) has stated as under:


“Corruption is a cancer eating in to the roots of the society. It is difficult to fight against corruption because the chances of success are bleak; but this is no reason for despondency. Nobody is born corrupt; it is the vitiated atmosphere in the society and the system of governance which converts the clean in to corrupt. An honest person resists corruption but allurements and temptations at times prevail upon him and once corrupt, even an honest person prefers and finds it convenient to stay corrupt. The seeds of corruption are sown in the mind of the man and the cure, if any, lies in eradicating the seeds of corruption from his mind. An honest revenue official says “The honest are hounded; they are humiliated; they are ignored; they are manipulated; they are used, they are punished; they became the laughing stock in society and their families; even their very honesty is suspected. In spite of that, there are many honest officers in the department who remain honest against all adversities. They are special species; they have to be preserved and protected.”